Galet of Shibuya "Galettoria"

"Galettoria" is about a 10-minute walk from Shibuya Station. A specialty store offering local cuisine from Brittany, France, buckwheat galettes and dessert crepes.

The store is an image of a nostalgic Maison Dot (a French-style inn where you can rent a room in a private house in the countryside) in the countryside of southern France. It is an appearance that makes you feel calm and cute.

Shibuya "Galettoria"

Shibuya "Galettoria"

When you enter the shop, you will be told that "one drink and one food must be ordered per person, and it is a two-hour system." When I visited, there was only one group of customers, but it seems to be a two-hour system regardless of congestion.

I ordered "ham, egg, cheese buckwheat galette" and dessert crepe "fresh cream and sugar". The price is 1,050 yen (tax included, same below) and 700 yen. There was also a course (2,200 yen, not shareable) that included today's buckwheat galette, selectable dessert crepes, and selectable drinks.

As the name suggests, the ham, egg, and cheese buckwheat galette is a menu that uses ham, eggs, and cheese. Bright paprika powder and pink pepper are scattered.

Galettoria "Galette of buckwheat flour with ham, egg and cheese"
Ham, egg and cheese buckwheat galette

Yolk and cheese entwined in a chewy galette. You can enjoy the smooth texture of cheese when you put it in your mouth. However, unfortunately, the dough has lost the taste of ham, eggs, and cheese, so the flavor of buckwheat is not so noticeable.

Galettoria "Galette of buckwheat flour of ham, egg and cheese"

The texture and flavor of the scattered pink pepper is a nice accent. The unique scent that spreads softly for a moment matches other ingredients.

Galettoria "Galette of buckwheat flour with ham, egg and cheese"
The soft-boiled egg is also delicious!

Dessert crepe cream and sugar are a combination of simple crepe dough, crispy sugar and rich cream.

Galettoria "Desert Crepe Cream and Sugar"
Dessert crepe "cream and sugar"

The soft and rich cream goes well with the soft dough. The texture of crispy sugar that you sometimes feel is unique.

Galettoria "Desert Crepe Cream and Sugar"
The cream is rich and delicious

The overall sweet finish leaves a slightly monotonous impression in the second half, so it is recommended to match it with a refreshing drink such as coffee or unsweetened tea ♪

Galettoria "Desert Crepe Cream and Sugar"
It has plenty of sugar

The cute exterior of the building makes Galettoria perfect for lunch with friends as well as for dates. Why not take a look when you visit Shibuya?

■ Galettoria
Address: 1-26-1 Shoto, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo