Recipe for pancakes made with "Kanpan"
It's not okonomiyaki

"Kanpan" that you want to stock for emergencies. It's best if you don't have a chance to open it without any problems, but if the expiration date expires, it's still a waste.

So, this time, I will introduce the "Kanpan hot cake" recipe for you to eat deliciously before the expiration date of the Kanpan for stockpiling! It's sober, but it's strangely delicious, so give it a try.

Recipe for pancakes made with "Kanpan"
Arrange the hardtack into a pancake

◆ Materials

Click here for the ingredients to prepare and the approximate amount.

Kanpan 100g (3.53oz)
Milk 200ml (6.76us fl oz)
Sugar 10-15g (0.53oz) (adjust to your liking)
2 eggs

You can change the amount of milk and sugar to your liking. Adjust while watching the taste and appearance of the hardtack.

◆ How to make

Roughly open a dry pan in milk with sugar dissolved in it and soak it in fluffy milk.

Recipe for pancakes made with "Kanpan"
Soak the hardtack in milk

Wait a few hours for the hardtack to soften and soften. When it becomes soft, crush the bread and break in the eggs and mix to make the dough.

Recipe for pancakes made with "Kanpan"
Mix well

Sprinkle butter or oil on a frying pan or hot plate and slowly bake on both sides.

Recipe for pancakes made with "Kanpan"
Ju ...

Recipe for pancakes made with "Kanpan"
Bake on both sides

Okay! Okonomiyaki ... not the pancakes!

Recipe for pancakes made with "Kanpan"
There is a feeling of okonomiyaki

◆ What is the taste?

A smooth feel that cuts smoothly when passed through a knife. Even if you look at the cross section, it's completely okonomiyaki rather than hot cake. Or it's like cancer.

Recipe for pancakes made with "Kanpan"
Try adding butter and jam

Recipe for pancakes made with "Kanpan"

Recipe for pancakes made with "Kanpan"
The cross section looks like a paste

However. When I tried it, I couldn't say anything about it, and it tasted so delicious! The simple sweetness, like the tamagoboro that I ate when I was a kid, spreads slowly as I chew.

The texture is coexisting with plump elasticity and moist and chewy texture, and there is no fluffy feeling of hot cakes. Is it close to pumping? It's messed up! It doesn't mean that, but for some reason I can't stop eating ... I wonder what this is.

If you notice it, you're eating it, but be careful because it's quite hungry. Why don't you arrange the emergency food deliciously before throwing it away because the expiration date has expired?