Recipe "Rice Cooker Scones

We introduce three scone recipes that the Engeboku editorial staff actually tried making and enjoyed. Starbucks-style "Chocolate Chunk Scones," "Apple and Tofu Scones," and "Rice Cooker Scones. Click on each recipe name to go to the detailed article page.

Starbucks-style "Chocolate Chunk Scones

Light and crispy on the outside and moist on the inside! Starbucks-style "Chocolate Chunk Scones" recipe for a snack or breakfast. The layered finish is authentic. The surface is crispy and savory, while the inside is moist and mild.

Starbucks-style "chocolate chunk scones

Apple and Tofu Scones

Here is a recipe for " Tofu Sc ones with Apples and Tofu. Sweet and juicy apples accent these scones. They are very easy to make with pancake mix and no mistakes! The apples become soft and tender like apple pie filling, and the more you bite into them, the sweeter and juicier they become. You could eat as many as you want...!

I'd like to share the recipe for "Tofu Scones with Apples" with you.

Rice Cooker Scones

Rice Cooker Scones" is an easy recipe for making crispy, moist and delicious scones at home. All you have to do is cook the scones in a rice cooker using pancake mix, so there is no need to make mistakes! Freshly baked scones are crispy and fluffy. The outside is fragrant. The buttery flavor spreads out with a moist mouth feel.

Recipe "Rice Cooker Scones