Tully's Coffee "SANKAKU-CONE Parfait Strawberry" "SANKAKU-CONE Parfait Cookies & Cream"
Cone with Dawn!

Limited quantities of "SANKAKU-CONE Parfait Strawberry" and "SANKAKU-CONE Parfait Cookies & Cream" will be released on October 5th at each Tully's Coffee store (excluding some stores). The price is 750 yen each (tax included).

"T's Parfait" is a Tully's original parfait with 7 kinds of ingredients such as sponge cake, cream, and fiantine. "SANKAKU-CONE Parfait", which was sold exclusively at the Omotesando Hills store this summer, will appear in Tully's nationwide with a Halloween specification.

Strawberry is a parfait of "strawberry sushi" that combines strawberry pulp, sauce, custard cream, etc., topped with T's ice cream "strawberry shortcake". You can enjoy the refreshing taste of strawberries and the crispy texture of Fiantine.

For cookies and cream, T's ice cream "Astringent skin kuri" is topped on a rich parfait with sponge cake, ganache whipped cream, and cocoa crumble. It seems that the flavor of chocolate matches with cocoa crumble and canned almonds.