For the sweet tooth? For a spicy party? An event where you can enjoy "Sake and Yokan" together, Imuraya, etc.
Sweet party, no spicy party

An event to taste sake and yokan together will be held in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Imuraya and the sake specialty store "KURAND SAKE MARKET" Shinjuku store will be held from July 9th to 15th.

When you visit the KURAND SAKE MARKET Shinjuku store, you can get a free Imuraya yokan. At the same time, you will be introduced to the sake that goes well with youkan.

Many people have the impression that sake is combined with salty or spicy foods, but in fact it goes well with sweet foods and can be enjoyed as a pairing of traditional Japanese foods.

You can get one of the three types of yokan from Imuraya, "Neri," "Kokura," and "Matcha," each with a small size of 58g (2.05oz). You can choose one you like.

Imuraya's Youkan 3 Kinds
One favorite from Neri, Kokura, Matcha

While giving the impression of a heavy bean paste, it has a gentle and mellow taste that makes it easy to eat.

Image of sake that goes well with youkan
You will be introduced to sake that goes well with youkan.

When combined with sake, it is said that sweet and mellow brands and rich brands that have been aged for a long time are good.

The participation fee for the event is 3,000 yen (excluding tax). The price of KURAND SAKE MARKET's "All-you-can-drink plan" is included.