Imuraya "Rum-sake-scented red bean paste" and "Sake-scented red bean paste

Imuraya will release "Rum Sake Scented Anko" and "Sake Scented Anko" with the flavor and aroma of sake and azuki on August 18. Handled at mass merchandiser supermarkets nationwide and at the Imuraya Web Shop.

Imuraya's anko (red bean paste), first launched in 1962, has been well received for its delicious taste and processing techniques that take full advantage of the flavor of azuki beans, including "boiled azuki beans" which celebrated its 60th anniversary this year. In recent years, sweets using alcohol, such as chocolates containing alcohol, have become widespread, and products using anko (red bean paste) and wagashi (Japanese confectionery) are also favored by people of all ages. These factors led to the development of the "Anko with Sake" product, which allows consumers to easily enjoy the combination of sake and anko (red bean paste).

Rum-sake-scented Anko

Myers Rum, a rich and aromatic premium dark rum, and minced rum raisins are used. Rum and raisins were selected to go well with azuki beans. Less than 0.5% alcohol content.

Imuraya "Rum-sake-scented red bean paste

Sake-scented red bean paste

Made with the company's brewed "Fukuwagura Junmai Ginjo" sake and sake lees, which has a fruity and elegant flavor. Alcohol content is less than 0.8%.

Imuraya "Sake-scented red bean paste

Fukuwagura is a sake brand that Imuraya entered the sake business as a new challenge and began developing. Fukuwagura Junmai Ginjo has a gorgeous muscat-like aroma and a refreshing apple-like acidity. The taste is sharp and deep, harmonizing the mellow aroma and mild mouthfeel.

Imuraya "Fukuwagura Junmai Ginjo

Both are cup type that can be eaten directly with a spoon. Contents 76g (2.68oz), open price.

This product contains alcohol, so be careful with children, people who are sensitive to alcohol, pregnant or nursing mothers, and when driving.