"Sports Yokan" is ideal for people who enjoy sports such as running and mountain climbing.
I was fascinated by its stylish shape and the old-fashioned and new tasteful product name.

Imuraya "Sports Yokan"
I want to take it out of my pocket coolly

According to Imuraya, who planned "Sports Yokan," "I focused on" Yokan, "which is compact and easy to carry . By focusing on the sports field as a new approach, we will create more" new customers. " I wanted to create a synergistic effect for the entire yokan. " The eyes are too sharp. I also feel something like love for yokan. I wonder, it's really cool.

Imuraya "Sports Yokan"
Rich nutritional ingredients

This one is enough energy for about one cup of rice (171kcal). Furthermore, the equivalent amount of salt per bottle is as high as 0.2g (0.07oz), and the salt lost by exercise can be replenished firmly.

Imuraya "Sports Yokan"
Twist from here to open. Kind design that keeps your hands clean

Imuraya "Sports Yokan"
I'm happy to be able to eat with one hand

Sports yokan uses red beans from Hokkaido and algae salt from Awaji Island. It is not too sweet and has a moderately salty taste.

In addition, allergens (25 items) covered by the Food Sanitation Law, such as wheat, milk, and eggs, are not used, and the expiration date is as long as "2 years". Isn't it ideal for emergency food?

One 105 yen. You can buy it at convenience stores such as the Japanese sweets corner.