McDonald's "McShake x Calpis"
More refreshing renewal!

At each McDonald's store (excluding some stores), a more refreshing "McShake x Calpis" is on sale for a limited time. The price starts from 120 yen for S size (tax included).

This is a collaboration between creamy McShake and Calpis, a lactic acid bacterium drink. It has a refreshing taste that is more sour than last year (2017).

McDonald's "McShake x Calpis"
McShake x Calpis

When inhaled, the creamy richness spreads, and the Calpis flavor continues to come softly. However, the taste of Calpis is strengthened for a moment. Is it an overall impression that it is a "slightly sweet frozen yogurt taste" rather than a "Calpis taste"? You can enjoy a mellow texture and a refreshing flavor. Looks good on a hot day!

McDonald's "McShake x Calpis"
Frozen yogurt-like

"McShake x Calpis" is a combination of rich sweetness and freshness. If you are interested, give it a try!