Lawson "Pork egg rice ball (sea chicken mayonnaise)"
Local gourmet foods from all over the world are "rice balls"! (All image sources are official websites)

At each Lawson store, the new "Iburi-gakko cheese rice balls" and "Pork egg onigiri (sea chicken mayonnaise)" from the "Local Monnigiri" series were released on June 26 (excluding some areas and stores).

Local Monnigiri is an arrangement of local gourmet foods and ingredients from all over the country. This time, "Akita version" and "Okinawa version" will appear.

The Akita version is Iburi-gakko cheese rice balls. Akita's specialty "Iburi-gakko" and cheese that goes well with it are mixed in plenty of rice. The texture and flavor of Iburi-gakko and the richness of cheese are exquisite. The price is 150 yen (tax included).

Lawson "Iburi-gakko cheese rice ball"

On the other hand, the Okinawa version is pork egg rice balls (sea chicken mayonnaise). A reproduction of Okinawa's local menu "pork egg" using pork luncheon meat and chicken eggs. Served with sea chicken mayonnaise, it is finished with plenty of volume. The price is 210 yen (tax included). However, it seems that it is not available at stores in the Okinawa area.

Lawson "Pork egg rice ball (sea chicken mayonnaise)"
Not in Okinawa