Nanpopan "White rose bread" and "Japanese rose bread

Shimane's Local Bread "Barapan

Barapan" has been loved in Shimane for many years. Here we introduce a beautiful local bread sold by Nampo Pan in Izumo City.

As the name suggests, rose bread is characterized by its rose-like appearance. The mountain-shaped dough is wrapped around like flower petals. This time, we purchased "white rose bread" and "Japanese rose bread. Priced at 210 yen each (tax included).

Nanpopan "White rose bread" and "Japanese rose bread
The labels are nice.

White rose bread

The surface of the "White Rose Bread" is covered with icing and looks like a beautiful pattern. A pure white cream is rolled together with soft and moist dough. Since the dough has a slight sweetness, the cream is mainly rich rather than sweet. It glides smoothly through the mouth, leaving a milky flavor.

Nanpopan "white rose bread"
The dough itself is very tasty!

It is also nice that the cream is well filled to the center. The flavor is rich, but not boring. It seems to go well with coffee.

Nanpopan "White rose bread" and "Japanese rose bread
Plenty of rolls.

Japanese-style rose bread

Japanese-style rose bread is rolled with red bean paste and cream. The mild sweetness of the azuki beans and the crunchy texture of the grains are a nice accent. I fell in love with the nostalgic taste.

Nampo Pan "Japanese style rose bread
Blooming Flowers on the Table

Nampo Pan "Japanese style rose bread
Good balance of cream and red bean paste

With its beautiful appearance and delicious taste, "rose bread" makes your usual meal or snack time a little more elegant. If you see it, please try it.