Zunda Saryo 20th Anniversary "Premium Cream Bread Zunda Shake Flavor"

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Zunda sweets specialty store "Zunda Saryo", a new product "Premium Cream Bread Zunda Shake Flavor" will be on sale from December 1st (the sales start date may differ depending on the store).

Premium Cream Bread Zunda Shake Flavor

In the fluffy bread, there is plenty of cream that is a blend of zunda bean paste and fresh cream unique to "Zunda Saryo". You can enjoy the flavor as if you were tasting "Zunda Shake" with the cream that was sloppy. Frozen sale.

Available at all Zunda Saryo stores and some Kasho San stores. The price is 248 yen (tax included) per piece.

Zunda Saryo

Zunda sweets specialty store "Zunda Saryo" was born from the desire to preserve the traditional culture of "Zunda", a local cuisine of Miyagi and Sendai, and to convey its deliciousness to people all over the country. Not only "Zunda Mochi" but also "Zunda Saryo Zunda Shake", "Zunda Roll Cake" and "Zunda Shirayuki Cheesecake" are available.

Zunda mochi in Zunda teahouse

On the 20th anniversary, various events are planned throughout the year with the theme of "connection". Some products of Zunda Saryo will be sold in a package with the 20th anniversary logo. * Package design will be switched at different times depending on the store.

Package with logo for the 20th anniversary of Zunda Saryo