"Snoopy Bottle" from Nisshin Oillio "Freshness Oil Series"

From Nisshin Oillio's "Freshness Oil Series", "Snoopy Bottle" will be released this year as well. It will be on sale in limited quantities from July 1st.

The Snoopy bottle is a bottle with the character "Snoopy" loved by a wide range of people drawn on the label. This year (2018), the design has been completely redesigned, and in addition to Snoopy, familiar characters such as Charlie Brown and Woodstock have also been designed.

The lineup is "Genuine sesame oil 145g (5.11oz) fresh keep bottle with fragrance over Nisshin", "BOSCO extra virgin olive oil 145g (5.11oz) fresh keep bottle", "Nisshin flaxseed oil 145g (5.11oz) fresh keep bottle" and "Nisshin macadamia nut oil 145g (5.11oz) fresh keep bottle". The price is open.

In addition, a two-piece gift set in a colorful case like a picture book is also available. A masterpiece comic is attached to the inside of the case. The price is 1,500 yen (excluding tax).

"Snoopy Bottle" from Nisshin Oillio "Freshness Oil Series"
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