Tori Aristocrats "Mega Lemon Sour", "Tebasaki Banzai - Shio Sesame Oil", "Tebasaki Banzai - Sweet Sauce".
Mega Lemon Sour, Chicken Wings Banzai - Salted Sesame Oil, Chicken Wings Banzai - Sweet Sauce

Tori Aristocrat

App Release Commemorative Menu

Tori Aristocrat will offer a limited time menu "Mega Lemon Sour", "Tebasaki Banzai - Shio Sesame Oil" and "Tebasaki Banzai - Sweet Sauce". They will be available from April 1 to May 31, 2023. All items are priced at 350 yen. However, the price will be changed to 360 yen on May 1.

Tori Aristocrat App Release Commemorative Menu
App Release Commemorative Menu


Lemon Sour "Mega Lemon Sour" was requested on the official Tori Aristocrats Twitter account when developing the menu, and "Mega Lemon Sour" was created from the ideas gathered.

It is characterized by its lemony aroma and pleasantly sour taste! TOLIKI's original lemon sour was developed with the keyword "goes well with yakitori. It is newly available in a big size for a limited time only!

Tori Aristocrats "Mega Lemon Sour
Mega Lemon Sour

Tebasaki Banzai

- Salted Sesame Oil -

"Tebasaki Banzai - Salted Sesame Oil" can be picked up with fingers and tasted in the mouth. The savory sesame oil and salt are tailored to go well with freshly fried chicken wings. A popular recipe for chicken wings on the Internet has been rearranged, and salted sesame was chosen to go well with the wings.

Tori Aristocrat "Tebasaki Banzai - Salt and Sesame Oil
Tebasaki Banzai - Salted Sesame Oil

Tebasaki Banzai - Sweet Sauce


"Tebasaki Banzai - Sweet Sauce" is another dish that you can pick up with your fingers and taste in your mouth. The fried chicken wings are topped with sweet sauce and black pepper. This is also an adaptation of a popular online chicken wing recipe.

Tori nobility "Tebasaki Banzai - sweet sauce
Banzai chicken wings with sweet sauce


Aristocrat App The Tori Aristocrat App allows users to make reservations, win gift certificates with "Toriki Points," which can be used within the app, and raise an original character "Torikki" by the number of skewers eaten.

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