Calbee "Esnican" "Grilled Beef" "Okonomiyaki Chips"
Nostalgic face

Calbee's potato chips "Esnican", "Grilled Beef" and "Okonomiyaki Chips", which were hit in the 1980s, will be reprinted and sold nationwide from March 12th. To commemorate this, we also held a campaign to win original goods reminiscent of the "bubble period" of the time. Check it out if you were born in the Showa era!

◆ 3 items to be reprinted

Ethnican is a potato chip released in 1986 when exotic spiciness was booming. The package design based on "black", which was rare at that time, gained popularity.

Calbee "Esnican"
Spicy and addictive

Grilled beef was introduced in 1987 as "wild potato chips" with a gourmet taste. It became a hot topic as a snack for sake.

Calbee "Grilled Beef"
The umami of beef that spreads as you chew

The okonomiyaki chips released in 1989 became very popular due to the package design that makes it possible to hear the sound of okonomiyaki being roasted.

Calbee "Okonomiyaki Chips"
Mayo-like flavor

◆ Bubbly goods may win

In addition, the "Bubble Go! Go! Campaign" will be held from March 12th to May 28th. If you apply from the campaign site, a total of 10 people will win a bubbly prize by lottery.

The "Deluxe Bubble Course" includes one shoulder padded bathrobe and 30 champagne tower glasses. The "Relax Bubble Course" has 12 bags each of 1 mirror ball-style cushion and 3 types of potato chips. Each will be presented to 5 people.

Calbee "Bubble Go! Go! Campaign"
Champagne tower glass (image)

Calbee "Bubble Go! Go! Campaign"
Mirror ball style cushion (image)

Why don't you hit the bubbly goods and feel the sparkle of those days again ...?