Calbee "Adult Poterich Shrimp Butter Flavor"

From Calbee's "Adult Poterich" series, a new product "Adult Poterich Shrimp Butter Flavor" will be released exclusively at convenience stores on November 15th. Scheduled to be sold out in late December. The estimated price is around 160 yen (tax included).

Adult potato rich shrimp butter flavor

"Adult Potato Rich Shrimp Butter Flavor", the sixth in the "Adult Potato Rich" series, is thick-sliced potato chips that you can enjoy the taste of spiny lobster and the richness of butter. The "shrimp garlic flavor" released last year was very popular, so I chose Ise lobster, which is in season around October, as the main ingredient. Combined with mellow butter, it brings out the sweetness and umami of the shrimp.

Add deep richness by using garlic as a secret ingredient. It is finished in a more addictive taste.

The package is a high-class color inspired by spiny lobster and has an appetizing design. Similar to "Poterich", the gusset on the bottom makes the bag self-supporting and does not fall over.

Adult potato rich

"Adult Potato Rich" is a convenience store-only thick-sliced potato chip that you can enjoy a rich and rich taste that is particular about the combination of ingredients. It was born in October 2020 as "Poterich" for adults, which is suitable as a snack for sake. So far, "shrimp garlic flavor", "Camembert bacon flavor", "hodachi butter flavor", "grilled edamame garlic flavor", and "beef tongue and rock salt flavor" have been on sale for a limited time.