Tyrolean Choco THE 7-ELEVEN Shoe
7-ELEVEN's popular sweets are now chocolate!

"Tirol Choco THE 7-ELEVEN Shoe" will be released sequentially from July 6th at each 7-ELEVEN store (excluding some stores). The price is 35 yen (tax included).

A product commemorating "7-ELEVEN Day" on July 11th. Inspired by 7-ELEVEN's representative sweets, "THE 7-ELEVEN Shoe," custard sauce, custard cream, and fiantine (lightly baked dough) are wrapped in egg-flavored chocolate. You can enjoy the taste of eating cream puffs.

At the same time, "Calbee potato chips charcoal-grilled beef rib lunch flavor" and "Calbee potato chips tuna mayonnaise flavor", which are inspired by 7-ELEVEN's popular lunch boxes and rice balls, will be released. The price is 152 yen each (tax included).

Calbee Potato Chips Charcoal Grilled Beef Calbee Bento Flavor 7-ELEVEN
"Calbee potato chips charcoal-grilled beef rib lunch flavor"

Calbee potato chips tuna mayonnaise flavor 7-ELEVEN
"Calbee potato chips tuna mayonnaise flavor"