Hanamaru Udon "Thick Soymilk Tantan Udon"
"Rich soy milk udon noodles" is back!

At each Hanamaru Udon store (excluding some stores), "rich soymilk Tantan Udon" will be on sale from November 1st. The price is 580 yen for small, 680 yen for medium, and 780 yen for large (all including tax).

This menu is "soy milk dandan udon" finished in Sichuan style. A blend of Hanamaru dashi and a soft, mellow thick soy milk cream, topped with chicken soboro and mustard mustard seasoned with a special sauce. You can enjoy the soft and mellow taste of the soup.

It was released in January this year and was very popular with female customers. Maybe many people were looking forward to the re-release? For a limited time, don't miss it.

Hanamaru Udon "Thick Soymilk Tantan Udon"
Limited time menu!