Kyodo Milk Industry "Home Lumber Matcha Milk & Black Sesame"
The first "matcha flavor" contains black sesame

From the long-selling ice cream "Home Lumber" series of Kyodo Milk Industry, the first Japanese flavor "Matcha Milk & Black Sesame" will be released on November 6th. The estimated price is 108 yen (tax included).

This is an adult-style home lumber that uses the special "Kuradashi Uji Matcha" and black sesame seeds. Kuradashi Matcha is a new spring tea that is stored and aged at a low temperature and then brewed in the fall. The corners are removed and it becomes milder, and the umami is even more pronounced. This brewed Uji matcha and black sesame are mixed with a rich and rich ice cream with a milk fat content of 8%.

You can enjoy the mellow taste of matcha and the texture of fluffy black sesame seeds. If there is a "hit" brand on the stick, you will receive a QUO card worth 500 yen without exception.