Haagen-Dazs Japan has announced the final result of the "Flavor Revival General Election" that was held on the special website. "Custard Pudding" collected 120,000 votes and was selected as the first place.
First place is "Custard Pudding"!
First place is "Custard Pudding"!

This campaign is to vote on the flavors that you want to "revive" from the 24 types of mini cups that have been sold so far. In the two months from July 3rd to September 3rd, 260,000 votes were collected.

This time, "Custard Pudding", which won 125,063 votes and ranked first, is a flavor released for a limited time in September 2003. It is a mixture of milk and egg-rich custard ice cream with a fragrant caramel sauce, and it was popular for enjoying the authentic taste of custard pudding.

In addition, the "revival" "Custard Pudding" will be presented to 1,000 people by lottery from those who voted for this flavor. The winner will be notified by email in late September and will be delivered in November.

The flavors ranked second and below are as follows.

2nd place: Chocolate macadamia
3rd place: Caramel walnuts
4th place: Matcha latte
5th place: Black sesame (black sesame)
6th place: Dulce de leche (caramel)
7th place: Marron Glacé
8th place: Strawberry vanilla
9th place: Coffee
10th place: Azuki
11th place: Banana chocolate cookie
12th place: Truffle chocolate
13th place: Blueberries
14th place: Honey
15th place: Sorbet Alfonso Mango
16th place: Banana caramel tart
17th place: Apple Calvados
18th place: Chocolat Strawberry
19th place: Cappuccino
20th place: French vanilla coffee
21st place: Almond praline cream
22nd place: Chocolate
23rd place: Banana
24th place: Tahitian vanilla caramel

What is your "memorable" flavor?
What is your "memorable" flavor?