Lotte "Ghana raw chocolate [rich milk]"
Raw chocolate in winter

From the Lotte "Ghana" series, winter-only "Ghana raw chocolate [rich milk]" and "Ghana raw chocolate [rich cacao]" will be released on October 10. The estimated price is 248 yen each (tax included).

A winter-only product with the concept of "absolute deliciousness without loss" and "limited feeling only in this season". By making the surrounding shell chocolate extremely thin, the amount of raw chocolate inside is increased, and it seems that the outside is crispy and the inside is smooth and smooth.

Lotte "Ghana raw chocolate [rich milk]"
Shell chocolate is ultra-thin

Ghanaian raw chocolate [rich milk] is a grain of Ghanaian milk trapped in chocolate. You can enjoy the deep richness of Ghana with a milky feel.

Ghanaian raw chocolate [rich cacao] is a Ghanaian black that is trapped in a single chocolate. The mellow aroma and rich taste of cacao spread in your mouth.

Lotte "Ghanaian raw chocolate [rich cacao]"
Enjoy the flavor of cacao