Lotte "Ghana [Special Thick Gâteau Chocolat]".


Tokuno Gato Chocolat] From Lotte's melt-in-your-mouth "GARNA" series, "GARNA [Tokuno Gato Chocolat]" will be available at convenience stores and station kiosks only and only for a limited time. The release date is January 24. The price is around 138 yen per piece (tax included).

Ghana [Special Thickness


Chocolat] "Ghana [Special Thickness Gâteau Chocolat]" is a moist gâteau chocolat with a luxurious texture and more than 50% chocolate kneaded into it. The rich flavor of more than 50 percent chocolate allows you to enjoy a slightly luxurious treat. Individual servings can be eaten in one hand. This product is available only during the Valentine's season, the season when chocolate is delicious.