LAWSON・NATURAL LAWSON "Chocolate Wafer with Cashew Nut Cream

LAWSON and NATURAL LAWSON "Chocolate Wafer with Cashew Nut Cream"

"Chocolate Wafer with Cashew Nut Cream" will be released at LAWSON and NATURAL LAWSON stores nationwide on September 26. The price is 228 yen (including tax).

Chocolate Wafer Cashew

Nut Cream

Tailored This is a double-brand product from Natural Lawson and imperfect. The mellow cashew nut cream is encased in high cacao chocolate, creating a chocolate wafer for adults with a moderate sweetness.

LAWSON・NATURAL LAWSON "Chocolate Wafer with Cashew Nut Cream

The light, crispy texture of the wafers is softly spread with the bitterness of cacao and the aroma of cashew nuts, making it the perfect snack when you are feeling a little sad. It also contains dietary fiber and cacao polyphenols, which are good for the body.

Sustainability initiatives

imperfect is committed to "Making your 'Delicious' happy for someone else. Under the slogan "Your 'Delicious' is Someone Else's 'Happiness,'" imperfect's products serve as a bridge between customers' "Delicious" and producers' "Happiness," aiming to create a cycle that links customers' "Delicious" to the "Happiness" of production areas and producers. Through these products, IMPERFECT also aims to realize this cycle, supporting sustainable cacao production in Ghana and cashew nut production in Cote d'Ivoire. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the product will be used to support IMPERFECT's further activities in the production areas.

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