Tokyo Banana World "Ginza Matcha Cake"
New Japanese work

From the Tokyo souvenir brand "Tokyo Banana World", a new Japanese-style product "Ginza Matcha Cake" will be released on October 14th for the first time in 16 years in the history of the brand.

This is the sixth work in the "Ginza Cake" series that has continued since 1995. With the theme of matcha, which is a representative taste of Japanese food and culture, it was created with the aim of creating a delicious matcha cake that is loved both in Japan and around the world.

Tokyo Banana World "Ginza Matcha Cake"
Matcha theme

A three-layer structure in which Uji matcha ground with stone mills and Uji matcha cream sauce made with Tokachi Azuki are wrapped in matcha milk cream and wrapped in a moist sponge cake. A matcha heart is slightly floating on the cake as a "symbol of a relaxing heart". You can enjoy the royal harmony of matcha, adzuki beans, and milk.

Tokyo Banana World "Ginza Matcha Cake"
The heart is cute

The price is 560 yen for 4 pieces, 1,080 yen for 8 pieces, and 1,620 yen for 12 pieces (tax included). It will be sold at Tokyo Banana STUDIO Daimaru Tokyo Store, JR Tokyo Station, Haneda Airport, Narita Airport, and some other Tokyo Banana World merchandise stores.