Caciocavallo Chiccolo
Caciocavallo is a hot topic among cheese lovers

Do you know the cheese called "Caciocavallo"? (You know a lot of cheese lovers!) It's an Italian cheese made from raw cow milk using a method similar to mozzarella cheese. The bag-packed, purse-like shape is unique.

Caciocavallo cheese
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Caciocavallo is gradually gaining popularity, especially among cheese lovers, but the other day I discovered a bite-sized Caciocavallo called "Caciocavallo Ciccolo". I tried various ways to eat!

Caciocavallo Chiccolo
Bite-sized Caciocavallo

1. 1. Bake in a frying pan

First of all, simply bake it as it is and eat it. Just slice in half and bake on both sides in a frying pan. The part that was in contact with the frying pan is baked crispy, and the cheese inside melts.

Caciocavallo Chiccolo
This is

Caciocavallo Chiccolo
It will be like this

The burnt part is crispy and fragrant, and the cheese inside has a plump texture. It's light and has no dullness, and the taste is light but full of milk! Certainly, it may be a bit like mozzarella cheese.

2. Lotus root sandwiched

I sliced it in half, sandwiched it between sliced lotus roots, and baked it.

Caciocavallo Chiccolo
Sandwich the melty cheese with crispy lotus root

This is insanely good! The contrast between the crispy lotus root texture and the texture of the melty cheese is exquisite. It's delicious without sprinkling anything, but maybe you can sprinkle some pepper on it. Cheese melts quickly, so it's best to put it in after the lotus root has been cooked to some extent.

3. 3. Caciocavallo toast

I put it on bread and baked it with a toaster.

Caciocavallo Chiccolo
I put it around and baked it

The crispy and fragrant toast and the delicious taste of cheese that stretches out are the best match! This is the MVP this time. Since one piece of cheese is small, I'm happy to put a lot of it on it and let it melt vigorously.

Even so, the more you chew with Caciocavallo cheese and chewy, the more moisturized your mouth will be. It's fresh and insanely delicious ...!

Caciocavallo Chiccolo
Torori ...

Caciocavallo Chiccolo is smaller and easier to handle than ordinary Caciocavallo, so I wondered if I could easily arrange it for cooking. This time I bought Food & Time ISETAN in Atre Shinagawa. The price was 428 yen (excluding tax). It seems that it is also available at KALDI etc., so if you are interested, please contact the store near you!