Japanese Luna "Greek Yogurt Clemma" Plain
A new series of Greek yogurt that is particular about the authentic manufacturing method

From the familiar Japanese Luna such as "Vanilla Yogurt", the "Authentic" Greek yogurt "Greek Yogurt Clemma" series is newly released. Two kinds of "plain" and "domestic grape juice sauce" will be on sale from September 25th.

This product is a yogurt that was developed "with a focus on reproducing the authentic Greek taste." It is a direct manufacturing method by Greek manufacturing engineers, and it is made using lactic acid bacteria that are also used in Greece by introducing manufacturing machines from Europe.

It features a richness like cheese, a smooth mouthfeel without roughness, a creamy mouthfeel, and a mellow taste with less acidity. It seems that you can get a solid taste. You can also arrange the plain type by adding it to dishes or other sweets.

Perfect for breakfast, as well as a leisurely brunch on holidays or a dessert at night when you're lonely. The estimated price is 140 yen (excluding tax).

Japanese Luna "Greek Yogurt Clemma" Domestic Grape Juice Sauce
Domestic grape juice sauce