Morinaga Milk Industry "Greek Yogurt Parteno with White Peach Sauce"

Morinaga Milk Industry's "Greek Yogurt Parteno" will release "Greek Yogurt Parteno with White Peach Sauce" on January 19th. The price is 146 yen (excluding tax). The calorie is 83 kcal.

The new product "Greek Yogurt Parteno with White Peach Sauce" is a delicious protein supplement with a sweet and rich taste of white peach sauce spread on the bottom of the "high protein & creamy" yogurt that is unique to "Parteno". The flesh is also used for the white peach sauce, and it is finished so that you can enjoy the mellow taste of white peach.

Rich in protein because the yogurt component is "three times concentrated". You can enjoy a rich and creamy taste because the water is drained slowly and carefully. The product name is named after the "Parthenon", which is also said to be a symbol of Greece.

"Greek yogurt parteno with white peach sauce" is great for people who want to take protein positively. It's also good for snacks. When you see it, why don't you pick it up?