Morinaga Milk Industry "Greek Yogurt Parteno with Grape Sauce"

Morinaga Dairy's Greek yogurt "Greek yogurt parteno" series will release a new product "Greek yogurt parteno with grape sauce" on November 2nd.

Greek yogurt parteno with grape sauce

"Greek yogurt with parteno grape sauce" is a delicious protein supplement with flesh-filled grape sauce under the rich and creamy yogurt unique to "parteno". The grape sauce on the bottom of the cup is finished in a fragrant flavor that allows you to enjoy the freshness and abundance of the original grapes.

Greek yogurt parteno

The "Greek Yogurt Parteno" series is Japan's first Greek yogurt that follows the traditional Greek "draining method" and is slowly and carefully made with careful attention. It offers "rich and creamy taste" that was not found in conventional yogurt.

* The protein mass of "with grape sauce" products is 7.0g (0oz) per 82kcal.