Nakau "Kuroge Wagyu Shige"

A new menu "Kuroge Wagyu Shige" will be released on September 19th at each Nakau store (excluding some stores). The price is average size 790 yen (tax included).

The fourth in the popular "Premium Heavy" series, which has sold "Unaju" and "Roast Beef Heavy" so far. This is Nakau's first menu using Japanese black beef.

I would like to introduce you to the premium taste, as I was allowed to sample it a little earlier.

Nakau "Kuroge Wagyu Shige"
Really ...?

Nakau's Japanese Black Beef

The seasoning is a sukiyaki type that uses black mirin to bring out the richness. It has a mellow taste with a sweeter taste than beef bowl.

Nakau "Kuroge Wagyu Shige"
Sweet and rich taste like sukiyaki

The essential Japanese black beef (rose peach) has a soft meat quality and a good balance of umami and sweetness of fat. The rice goes on with the moderately rich taste of the sauce. It's also thick, and each piece is enough to eat.

Nakau "Kuroge Wagyu Shige"
Soft and elegant sweetness of fat

If you divide the "specialized warm tama" placed in the center, you can enjoy a different taste with a mellow texture and mellowness.

Nakau "Kuroge Wagyu Shige"
Melting hot balls wrap beef and rice

Unlike beef bowls and oyakodon, it is not a one-coin, but Japanese black beef weight that you can enjoy a sense of luxury that is more than the price. Try it for lunch on the day you want to inspire a little.