Sukiya "Curry Nanban Gyudon"
Japanese-style curry nanban melts

"Curry Nanban Gyudon" will be reprinted for a limited time from September 22nd at each store of the beef bowl chain "Sukiya". The price is 490 yen (tax included, same below). Mini, medium, large, special, and mega are also available.

Curry Nanban Gyudon is a popular menu that was released in 2013. The curry nanban, which is based on bonito and kelp and contains long onions, carrots, and aburaage, is finished over a beef bowl. The moderately thick curry nanban is said to be well entwined with beef due to its rich Japanese-style soup stock. The sale period is scheduled for mid-October.

At the same time, "Beef Aigake Cheese Curry with Ontama" is also on sale as the first menu of "Deluxe Curry". It is a menu where you can enjoy popular toppings at once. Whereas the toppings are usually 830 yen, this menu is 790 yen, which is a 40 yen discount. Mini, large and mega sizes are also available.

Sukiya "Curry Nanban Gyudon"
Beef Aigake Cheese Curry with Ontama