Fanta Passion Orange
Bittersweet blood orange flavor

The bittersweet blood orange flavor "Fanta Passion Orange" will be released on September 11th from the carbonated drink "Fanta" brand. Seasonal flavor following "Fanta Kiwi + E" and "Plum + E".

This was developed based on Fanta's first blood orange flavor, which was very popular last year (2016). It will be on sale for a limited time for the Halloween season. Made with pure water, no preservatives or artificial colors are used. You can enjoy the bittersweet, fruity scent of blood oranges and the moderate sweetness that suppresses acidity.

The package has a unique design with the motif of "Pumpkin ghost (Jack-o-Lantern)", which is the image of Halloween.

The estimated price is 140 yen for a 490 ml PET bottle and 320 yen for a 1.5 L PET bottle, both excluding tax. It will end as soon as it runs out.