Regional limited "Fanta White Peach"

Michinoku Coca-Cola Bottling sells "Fanta Hakuto" 300ml (10.14us fl oz) bottle cans under the "Fanta" brand. 300ml (10.14us fl oz) bottle cans are sold only in the northeastern part (Aomori prefecture, Iwate prefecture, Akita prefecture). The estimated price is 130 yen (tax included) per bottle.

Fanta white peach

"Fanta White Peach" to be released this time is a carbonated drink characterized by its fresh taste with a refreshing scent of white peach added to the bursting carbonic acid. It is a package design that evokes a high-quality taste with a premium feeling. It is finished as a dish that can be enjoyed not only by teens but also by a wide range of age groups.

Fanta white peach 300ml (10.14us fl oz) bottle can Raw material name: High fructose corn syrup (domestic production) / carbonic acid, flavor, acidulant, preservative (Na benzoate)
Nutrition facts label (per 100ml (3.38us fl oz)): Energy 48kcal, protein 0g (0oz), fat 0g (0oz), carbohydrates 12g (0.42oz), salt equivalent 0.01g (0.04oz)
Package / Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 300ml (10.14us fl oz) bottle can / 130 yen Sales area: Kita Tohoku area (Aomori prefecture, Iwate prefecture, Akita prefecture)

"Fanta Hakuto" is happy for the coming season when it gets hot. When you see it, pick it up!