Fanta brand "Fanta Premier Melting Momo

Fanta Premier Torokeru Momo (


Peach) Fanta Premier Torokeru Momo (Melting Peach), the sixth in the Fanta Premier series, will be available from the Fanta brand. This peach-flavored carbonated beverage contains 10% peach juice and has a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth taste. It has 44 kcal and will go on sale on January 30. The estimated price is 170 yen (excluding tax) for a 380ml (12.85us fl oz) PET bottle.

The new "Fanta Premier Melting Momo" expresses a luxurious taste by using "white peach puree" made by mashing white peaches with their peels. In addition, to create a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth experience, white peach and yellow peach juices are exquisitely blended, and a fruit-derived ingredient (pectin) is used to achieve the original "thickening" sensation of peaches. While faithfully reproducing the flavor of peaches, the drink has a refreshing aftertaste that is full of rewarding sensations.



Series Since the release of the first "Fanta Premier Grape" in March 2020, the "Fanta Premier Series" has been developed to attract adults in their 30s and older who once spent their youth with "Fanta" to enjoy "Fanta" again, with a taste that is distinctly different from "Fanta" up to now. In order to encourage adults in their 30s and older who once enjoyed "Fanta" in their youth to once again enjoy "Fanta", we are developing products with a luxurious, adult-oriented flavor that is distinctly different from "Fanta" up to now.