New Fanta Yogurt Rush Grape & Muscat


Yogurt Rush Grape & Muscat, a yogurt-flavored carbonated beverage using grape and muscat, two classic autumn fruits, will be available from November 21. The 380 ml PET bottle will be available for a limited time at an estimated price of 160 yen (excluding tax).

Fanta Yogurt Rush Grape &


"Fanta Yogurt Rush Grape & Muscat" is a yogurt-flavored carbonated drink that allows consumers to enjoy the mildness of yogurt and the sweetness of mellow grape and muscat all at once. The newly added grape and muscat are popular fall fruits, and their mellow yogurt flavor makes them the perfect accompaniment to luxurious fall refreshment after school or during breaks from work.

The new Fanta Yogurt Rush Grape & Muscat is sure to bring out the mellow flavors of grape and muscat. Why not pick up a bottle when you see it?