Taiyaki omelet rice Taiyaki
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A new product "Omurice Taiyaki" will be released on September 20th at each Taiyaki specialty store attached to Lotteria. The price is 190 yen (tax included) per piece.

This product is Taiyaki, which is made by combining chicken rice with cheddar cheese and wrapping it in plump eggs. Chicken rice is finished with a rich flavor of chicken and tomato and a gentle taste with the sweetness of onion. It's a "new omelet rice" that you can easily eat with one hand.

Taiyaki omelet rice Taiyaki

Taiyaki has been diversified in recent years, but omelet rice is said to be the first in the industry. If you have a store near you, please give it a try!

[Handling store]
Kitaurawa Aeon FS store, Perie Nishi-Chiba FS store, Mizue Summit FS store, Tobu Oyama station square FS store, The Mall Anjo FS store, Apita Tokaidori FS store, JR Sumido station FS store, JR Tsuruhashi FS store, Apita Yamato Koriyama FS store Store, Kagoshima Yamagataya FS store, Asaka Maruetsu FS store, Apita Chitate FS store