From the Italian gelato shop "Mario Gelateria", three kinds of affogato menus such as the winter limited product "Oshiruko Affogato" will be released on November 1st. Limited time until the end of February 2015.

Which do you like? "Affogato" to enjoy with your favorite gelato
Which do you like? "Affogato" to enjoy with your favorite gelato

Three types of affogato, "Oshiruko Affogato," "Caramel Affogato," and "Cafe Affogato," will be released this time. Each drink has a topping, and you can choose your favorite gelato from the showcase and eat it in combination. The price is 440 yen each (tax included).

"Oshiruko Affogato" is a combination of azuki-rich shiruko and a chewy white ball. Gelato goes well with Japanese ingredients. The recommended gelato to combine is "boiled vanilla".

"Caramel affogato" is a bittersweet caramel made by burning sugar in a hand pan and sprinkling milk on it. It is topped with caramelized hazelnuts, which also accents the texture. The recommended gelato is "Bronte pistachio".

"Cafe Affogato" is espresso and homemade biscotti with a "crispy" texture. Espresso is extracted with an Italian coffee machine, and it seems that the taste is condensed. The recommended gelato is "homemade caramel".