Chateraise "Belgian Chocolat Monaka
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Check out all the new chocolate ice cream products from Chateraise! Belgian Chocolat Monaka, Dessert Chocolat Ball Charcoal Roasted Coffee, Dessert Chocolat Ball 3 Kinds of Berry, Otona no Choco Bucky Afogado Espresso Chocolate & Vanilla, Choco Bucky Fully Ripe Banana.

Belgian Chocolat Monaka

Rich chocolate ice cream with the aroma of cacao made from Belgian couverture is mixed with crispy sweet chocolate chips. The Monaka skin also contains cacao powder, making this an ice cream monaka for adults with a chocolate-covered palate. Belgian couverture chocolate is used in the ice cream portion (except for the chocolate chips). Prices start at 90 yen per piece (excluding tax).

Chateraise "Belgian Chocolat Monaka

Dessert Chocolat Ball Charcoal Roasted Coffee

Bite-sized coffee ice cream coated with melt-in-your-mouth cocoa sweet chocolate with finely ground coffee powder. The price is 340 yen for a pack of 20 pieces.

Chateraise "Dessert Chocolat Ball 3 Kinds of Berry

Dessert Chocolat Ball 3 Kinds of Berry

Mixed berry ice cream made with the juice of three kinds of berries (strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry) is wrapped in sweet chocolate with freeze-dried strawberries. The slightly bitter sweet chocolate and the texture of the freeze-dried strawberries complement the sweet and sour fruity mixed berry ice cream. With a focus on the deliciousness of each bite, this is an ice cream you will want to grab and go. Priced at 340 yen for a pack of 20.

Dessert Chocolate Ball 3 kinds of berries

Otona no Choco Bucky Afogado Espresso Chocolate & Vanilla

Inspired by the "affogato," a combination of vanilla ice cream and espresso coffee, the coffee-flavored sweet chocolate with a crispy texture that melts in the mouth is folded into the milk-like vanilla ice cream. Two types of coffee powder, espresso and finely ground coffee beans, are mixed into the chocolate, and the aromatic coffee flavor, bitterness, and richness can be tasted along with the cocoa-like texture of the chocolate. Prices start at 80 yen per piece.

Chateraise "Belgian Chocolat Monaka

Choco Bucky Fully Ripe Banana

Ice cream made with perfectly ripe bananas is covered with a folded layer of crispy sweet chocolate. The ice cream with the sweet mellow aroma of ripe bananas is the perfect combination with the chocolate. Crispy, crunchy, gurgling, and gurgling. Each piece of ice cream has a different appearance, so you can enjoy the changing texture of the chocolate each time you eat it. Enjoy the texture as if you are eating a bar of chocolate and the satisfaction of chocolate that chocolate lovers can't get enough of. Prices start at 70 yen per piece.

Chateraise "Choco Bucky Fully Ripe Banana