At 27 cafes and restaurants in the Ginza Cozy Corner, three menu items using the rare grape "Nagano Purple" were released on September 8.

Introducing a new menu using "Nagano Purple"
Introducing a new menu using "Nagano Purple"

Nagano Purple is a large grape that has no seeds and can be eaten with its skin. This time, it is used for pasta, parfaits and smoothies.

The pasta "Nagano Purple Bolognese with aroma of Nagano wine" (1,080 yen) is a combination of carefully simmered meat sauce and Nagano purple wine compote. The mellow richness of the sauce matches the mellow aroma of Nagano purple with the refreshing sweetness.

"Nagano Purple Parfait" (1,080 yen) is a perfect combination of ice cream and fresh cream, with the refreshing sweetness and aroma of Nagano purple flesh and granita (frozen dessert).

The "COZY Smoothie (Nagano Purple)" (700 yen) is a combination of fresh Nagano purple juice and ice cream containing fine ice. You can enjoy a sherbet-like taste by mixing it with a straw.

Both are limited in quantity and only eat-in. Scheduled to be sold until mid-October.

* Prices shown include tax