PABLO "Golden Pine and Coconut Cheese Tart"
Pablo's August limited tart is "pine and coconut"

"Golden Pine and Coconut Cheese Tart" will be on sale for one month from August 1st to 31st at each PABLO store specializing in freshly baked cheese tarts. The price is 2,000 yen (tax included). The size is about 15 cm in diameter.

This is a "tropical" cheese tart that is perfect for summer. The cheese tart dough is layered with custard cream with passion fruit, pine jam and coconut milk, and is finished with golden pine and blueberries in the center and roasted coconut around it.

PABLO "Golden Pine and Coconut Cheese Tart"
Like the midsummer sun!

The rugged and oversized golden pineapple is characterized by its strong sweetness and aroma. The coconut custard cream laid inside and the combination of sweet and sour jam are cool and have a refreshing taste. A cheese tart where you can enjoy the tropical aroma and juicy sweetness of fruits that have been bathed in the blessings of the sun.

PABLO "Golden Pine and Coconut Cheese Tart"
Cheese tart with tropical flavors

Pablo's seasonal cheese tart is a popular series that luxuriously uses seasonal fruits and ingredients that match the four seasons. It seems that it often sells out after noon, so if you want to get it, it may be better to go to the store early.