Lawson "Uchi cafe SWEETS x ICE MONSTER Mango roll cake"
Collaboration with ice monsters!

At each Lawson store, "Uchi cafe SWEETS x ICE MONSTER mango roll cake" and "ICE MONSTER mango bar" will be released on July 18 in collaboration with "ICE MONSTER", a shaved ice specialty store from Taiwan. Except for some stores).

Mango roll cake is a roll cake like the popular ice monster menu "Mango shaved ice". Mango cream, mango fruit and coconut-flavored panna cotta are combined with the mango dough. The price is 350 yen (tax included).

The En-eating editorial department tried to eat a little earlier.

Happy with mango

Many roll cakes have a simple shape with cream wrapped in the dough, but this is a three-dimensional arrangement of toppings. The image is of shaved ice shaped like a mountain. Certainly the form may be similar?

Lawson "Uchi cafe SWEETS x ICE MONSTER Mango roll cake"
It's similar ... right?

Mango cream is rich and has a mellow taste. You can feel a slight acidity in the sweetness of mango. The fluffy and flavorful cream and the moist mango-flavored dough are combined to create a melting taste!

Lawson "Uchi cafe SWEETS x ICE MONSTER Mango roll cake"
The dough should also be mango flavored

Sweets with cream can make you feel sad because there isn't much cream in the dough, but I'm glad that it's full! It has a refreshing sweetness and is not too heavy, so you should be able to eat it easily.

Lawson "Uchi cafe SWEETS x ICE MONSTER Mango roll cake"

The topping apple mango is very fruity. By using a slightly hard mango that is not fully ripe at the time of manufacture, it will be the right time to eat when lining up at the store. You can enjoy the rich sweetness and aroma, and the soft mouthfeel. Mango lovers will love it ...!

Lawson "Uchi cafe SWEETS x ICE MONSTER Mango roll cake"
I want to keep eating

Panna cotta with a plump coconut flavor adds an accent to the "mango-zukushi" roll cake. Needless to say, mango and coconut go well together and play a tropical harmony in the mouth.

Lawson "Uchi cafe SWEETS x ICE MONSTER Mango roll cake"
The taste changes and it is delicious until the last bite!

Mango bar is also recommended

This is an ice bar that uses 65% mango juice and pulp. Mango-flavored sorbet is placed in the ice bar. The price is 195 yen (tax included).

Lawson "ICE MONSTER Mango Bar"
Eye-catching package

The outside is crispy and the inside is sticky. You can feel the presence of the flesh here and there. A feeling of luxury as if you were eating fluffy shaved ice and topping mango at the same time.

Lawson "ICE MONSTER Mango Bar"
The texture of the flesh is ◎

The juicy, sweet and sour taste is also rich. Only 65% of mango juice and pulp are used, so the taste of mango is very rich! It's nice to have a refreshing aftertaste in the summer.

Mango bars will be on sale at some Seijo Ishii stores from July 20th. Be sure to check it out when shopping.