Natto Day Stir the natto.
How do you always eat natto?

Results of a survey on natto

Today, July 10th, is "Natto Day". So, "What do you mix with natto? "What do you mix with natto? Intage has released the results of a survey on natto.

The survey was conducted on the Internet among 15-69 year olds nationwide from June 23 to 26.

What do you put on natto? (Seasoning)

First of all, here are the top 3 seasonings to put on natto rice.

No.1: Natto sauce
No.2: Soy sauce
No. 3: mustard

I'm convinced. That's the way it should be.

The sauce enclosed with natto.
You'll find the sauce enclosed.

Interesting is the fourth place and below.

No. 4: Men-tsuyu
No. 5: Bonito flakes and shavings
No. 6: Ponzu
7th: Dashi kelp
8th: Wasabi
9: Chili pepper
No. 10: Sesame oil

Originality is gradually emerging. While there are many "dashi" type ingredients, there are also people who add "spicy" ingredients such as wasabi and chili.

Also, 5.6% of the respondents were stoic enough to say " I don't put anything on it. You can feel the love for natto!

What do you mix with natto rice?

Next, here are the results of the question on what to mix or top with natto rice.

No.1: Green onion
2nd: Egg
3rd: Okra

Negi (green onion) topped the list with 49.8% of the votes. Eggs followed at 21.1%, and okra came in third at 13.2%. I think there are a lot of people who combine sticky foods together. Especially in summer, it seems to give you stamina.

Natto topped with spring onions
After all, the most popular topping is green onion.

Fourth place and after are as follows.

No.4: Grated radish
5th: Shiso
6th: Mekabu
7th: Nori seaweed
8th: baby sardine
9th: yam
10th:Sesame seeds

Grated daikon radish and shiso leaves are refreshing to eat with just the right amount of bitterness and flavor when mixed together. Mekabu and yam are also sticky combos, and it seems that combining them with seaweed, shirasu and other seafood is also possible.

Natto topped with shirasu
natto + shirasu

What is the recommended way to eat natto?

Finally, we surveyed the recommended ways to eat natto. We received a lot of unique answers! Here are some of them.

Pour it over okonomiyaki
As a topping for curry
Stuffed in fried tofu and baked
Wrapped in gyoza skins and fried

Have any of you ever tried this? Other recipes include: "Cut chikuwa in half, put natto on top, mix with tempura powder and deep-fry" and "Mix ground meat with Tabasco and bake".

I also tried it as a topping for curry and rice, and found that it added a unique richness to the spicy curry, and the thickening of the roux was followed by the sticky residue of natto. I also feel that adding natto to spicy curry makes the spiciness a little milder.

Curry and rice topped with natto
Curry topped with natto

Curry and rice topped with natto
A collaboration of punchy flavors

Curry and rice topped with natto
This is surprisingly (?) Delicious!

Some of the arrangements I've tried are baking it on bread to make "natto toast," adding it to miso soup, or topping spaghetti with green onions and shiso leaves to make "Japanese-style natto pasta. It's also delicious when combined with other fermented foods such as cheese and kimchi!

Natto is a versatile ingredient that goes well with both light and rich foods. Today, why don't you try adding a little more effort than usual and discover a new taste?