The place that surprises me during the year-end cleaning is the refrigerator. A fossil-like (metaphor, metaphorical) food that has expired, "When did you buy this ..." was dug up, and the whole family was in agony. It's okay if you know what you bought, but it's difficult to always check everything because the changes are so intense.

In order to prevent such "I 'm done!", BIGLOBE has started selling "Refrigerator Checker DX", an application for Android that prevents forgetting to buy, overbuying, and expiration of consumption by registering the ingredients in the refrigerator.

When did you buy the oldest thing in the fridge? -BIGLOBE survey
When did you buy the oldest thing in the fridge? -BIGLOBE survey

The free version does not have a function to add items outside the food list, and a function to manage the expiration date of not only fresh food but also emergency food and dried food, which seems to be convenient. I want to do my best to input and eliminate wasteful ingredients.

By the way, in connection with the release of this app, a questionnaire about the expiration date of ingredients was conducted on BIGLOBE's beauty and lifestyle information site "Kirei Style".

When asked "Are you aware of the expiration date of food at home?", 82% of the respondents answered that they were aware of it, indicating a high level of interest. However, when asked, " Are there any food items that have expired or are damaged in the refrigerator now? ", 34% of the respondents said they did, and they might. Was as high as 42%, and only 24% said they did not. It's pretty ... easy to say and difficult to do ...

In response to the question " Natto that has expired. How many days do you want to eat? ", 34% answered that it was 1-2 days later, 35% that it was 3-6 days later, and 1 week or more. Tsuwamono was 18% . Only 13% said they wouldn't eat. Well, natto is a fermented food, so it's okay to ferment it a little! However, please be careful not to get hungry.

Finally, the question "When did you buy the oldest thing you've found in the refrigerator so far?" Is a shocking answer! Let's look at answers other than 44% who answered less than half a year and 9% who did not remember.

First, 16% are more than half a year and less than a year. Well, it's acceptable ... Yeah ... Next, 24% answered that it was more than 1 year and less than 3 years . What does it mean to be more than a year? Well, this is pretty good, but it depends on the ingredients. If this is raw, it would be a big deal. Now, and finally , for more than 3 years , 7% of the respondents answered this! Yeah yeah yeah yeah. This is the real fossil. You'll be surprised when you find it ... you'll scream involuntarily ...

That's why it was all about the expiration date. Scary. I want to manage it properly so that I will not be scared by the year-end cleaning.