"Unicorn can" is a new design can with the image of a unicorn
Super cute ♪

"Unicorn cans" will be on sale for a limited time from July 10th to August 29th at each of the long-established popcorn brand "Garret Popcorn Shops" born in Chicago, USA. Limited quantity.

This is a new design can with the image of a unicorn. It is finished in an "exciting design can" based on bright colors such as pink, orange, yellow and green. Prices start at 1,130 yen for QT (tax included, same below).

In addition, "Triple Nut Caramel Crisp" will be revived for a limited time as a popular nut flavor. It seems that you can enjoy the exquisite compatibility of rich caramel with the aroma peculiar to nuts using three kinds of nuts, almond, cashew nut, and walnut. The sale period is from July 19th to August 29th. The price starts from 620 yen for S.

"Triple Nut Caramel Crisp" is a popcorn flavor that uses three types of nuts: almonds, cashew nuts, and walnuts.
Limited resurrection!

Other flavors that can be handled are as follows.

Chicago mix, caramel crisp, cheese corn, mild salt, plain, almond caramel crisp, cashew caramel crisp, garlic shrimp (until July 18), triple nut caramel crisp.