Garrett Popcorn Holiday Collection

From the popcorn brand "Garret Popcorn Shops", a limited-time product will be on sale under the title of "Holiday Collection" for the Christmas season. The second is "Milk Chocolate Hazelnut / Original Can Silver", "White Chocolate Hazelnut / Original Can Gold", and "White Orangette / Holiday Star Can".

Garrett Holiday Collection

The second Holiday Collection will feature "Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts / Original Can Silver", "White Chocolate Hazelnuts / Original Can Gold" and "White Orangette / Holiday Star Cans" packed in palm-sized limited-edition design cans from November 26th. Will be done.

Limited design original cans with Christmas design Silver, gold and star-shaped holiday star cans with the image of Christmas ornaments each contain a limited recipe using plenty of chocolate. This Holiday collection is perfect for gifts at Christmas parties, small gifts that convey a little gratitude to those close to you who have taken care of you for a year, and to your important partners.

・ Milk chocolate hazelnut / original can Silver / White chocolate hazelnut / original can Gold

Garrett Popcorn Holiday Collection

A caramel crisp with plenty of whole hazelnuts coated with rich rich milk chocolate and white chocolate. Two limited recipes where you can enjoy the smooth chocolate texture and the crispy and fragrant hazelnut flavor and aroma. The original cans with a holiday design with a colorful Christmas tree drawn on a glittering silver and gold body are recommended as a gift in a set of two at a reasonable size. The sale period is from November 26th to December 25th. The price is 1,200 yen each. Provided only in original cans.

・ White Orangette / Holiday Star Can

Garrett Popcorn Holiday Collection

A holiday-only gift that combines a star-shaped design can with a gorgeous red and gold delicate pattern inspired by Christmas ornaments, and a "white orangette" with orange peel studded with caramel crisp coated with white chocolate. The sourness of orange peel, sweet white chocolate, and the harmony of bittersweet caramel are a luxurious gem suitable for Christmas with an elegant taste. The sale period is from November 26th to December 25th. The price is 1,200 yen.