Garrett Popcorn Shops "Snow White Pistachio"

The holiday-only recipe "Snow White Pistachio" will be on sale from November 2nd to December 25th at the long-established gourmet popcorn brand "Garret Popcorn Shops" born in Chicago, USA (finished as soon as it runs out). A limited-time design can that brightly colors Christmas is also available.

"Snow White Pistachio" is a popcorn that combines white chocolate and sweet and sour dried cranberries with "Pistachio Caramel Crisp", which is a caramel-coated crashed pistachio. You can enjoy the fragrant and mellow flavor of pistachio and the rich sweetness of white chocolate. A Christmas color in which green and red shine in white with the image of snow. The price starts from 620 yen for S size.

Garrett Popcorn Shops "Snow White Pistachio"

There are three types of holiday limited design cans with different atmospheres this year. The Japan-only design "Gingerbread Can" (quart can from 1,130 yen) depicts a cute gingerbread and candy house against the backdrop of falling snow. The global common design is the "Holiday Blue Can" (quart can from 1,130 yen) with beautiful deep blue and colorful mountains like the night sky in winter, and the "Red & Green Can" with the classic signature stripe colored in Christmas color (Red & Green Can). 1 gallon can from 2,800 yen).

Garrett Popcorn Shops Holiday Limited Design Cans 3 Types

During the holiday period, "Holiday Gallon Assortment" and "Holiday Set" will also be on sale. "Holiday Gallon Assortment" is a 1-gallon can filled with "Snow White Pistachio" and the standard recipes "Caramel Crisp" and "Cheese Corn", making it a perfect product for a Christmas party to enjoy at home. The price is 4,000 yen per gallon can.

Garrett Popcorn Shops "Holiday Gallon Assortment"

The "Holiday Set" is a set of "Snow White Pistachio (Quart Size)" and the immovable and popular No. 1 recipe "Chicago Mix (S Size)". You can try a standard recipe for yourself with a Christmas gift. The price is 2,000 yen.