Garrett Popcorn Shops "Berry Berry White Chocolate"

Garrett Popcorn Shops will release a spring-only recipe, "Berry Berry White Chocolate," which combines sweet and sour strawberry and milky white chocolate on February 15th. Limited quantity. For a limited time. The price starts from S size 580 yen.

"Berry Berry White Chocolate" is a recipe in full bloom in spring that is full of strawberry charm, with "Strawberry Caramel Crisp", which has a sweet and sour fruity taste of strawberries, coated with sweet milky white chocolate and sprinkled with strawberry flakes.

The pale and lovely cherry blossoms that look gorgeous blow away the feelings that tend to sink and make you feel as if you are coming to see the cherry blossoms. It is also recommended as a gift for each milestone celebration such as White Day and admission / advancement.

■ Garrett Popcorn Shops
Founded in Chicago, USA in 1949, a slightly luxurious and gourmet popcorn brand that sticks to secret family recipes and handmade manufacturing methods that have been handed down for more than 70 years for three generations.