"Soil Amazake Ume Jiuqu" is a Jiuqu sweet sake made for the day of the Ox.
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Amazake specialty store "Furumachi Jiuqu Factory" will release Amazake "Dojo Amazake Ume Jiuqu" on July 19th. The price is 1,296 yen (tax included) with 500 ml. Limited quantity.

This is a plum-flavored Jiuqu amazake made for the day of the Ox. Uses rice from Niigata prefecture. It seems that it was carefully prepared in the warehouse in Niigata. Plum, which is a food with "U", is added, and the sweetness of Jiuqu and the refreshing aroma and acidity of plums will refresh your throat. Purchase from each Furumachidori factory and the official online shopping site.