Morinaga Amazake Yogurt Fat Free" from Morinaga Milk Industry Co.

Morinaga Milk Industry will sell Morinaga Amazake Yogurt with Zero Fat. The estimated price is 118 yen (excluding tax). The product will go on sale on September 20.

Morinaga Amazake Yogurt Fat Free

Morinaga Milk Industry will release this yogurt under the Morinaga Amazake brand, a popular brand in the amazake market. Morinaga Amazake Yogurt Fat Free" is a yogurt made from three fermented ingredients: sakekasu and rice malt, which form the richness and gentle sweetness of amazake, and yogurt.

In addition, the combination of the texture of rice grains and yogurt provides a new texture and a mild, exquisitely balanced taste. The new product is a zero-fat type yogurt with the same delicious taste, and has a refreshing aftertaste that is easy to continue consuming every day.

Morinaga Amazake" by Morinaga Seika

Amazake" in a red can is a long-selling product launched in 1974. The taste is characterized by the deep richness of sake lees, the gentle sweetness of rice malt, and the "texture" and "thirst-quenching" feeling of the rice malt grains, which are achieved by blending carefully selected domestic sake lees and rice malt in an exquisite ratio.