"Jiuqu / White Peach" is a summer-only product made by adding plenty of domestic white peach to amazake made from Jiuqu.
Perfect for this season!

The summer-only Amazake "Jiuqu / Hakuto" will be released on July 1st from Furumachi Jiuqu Factory, a store specializing in amazake. The price is 1,620 yen (tax included) for 500 ml. Limited quantity.

This is a summer-only product with plenty of domestic white peach added to the amazake of Jiuqu. Jiuqu amazake, which uses only domestic ingredients, is made from rice produced in Niigata prefecture and carefully prepared in the Niigata brewery. With a melting mouth, even people and children who are not familiar with amazake can enjoy it like juice.

Purchase at each "Furumachidori Factory" store or the official online shopping site.