Renge Honey Amazake" from Morinaga Seika

Morinaga Seika Brick Honey Amazake

From Morinaga Amazake by Morinaga Seika, "Renge Hachimitsu Amazake" will be available for a limited time. The product will go on sale on January 17. The product weighs 185 grams and will be sold at an open price.

Renge Hachimitsu


: Renge honey-flavored amazake. It is made from two types of fermented ingredients, sakekasu and rice malt. Carefully selected domestic sakekasu and rice malt are blended in a special ratio, and brick honey is added. The warm design expresses the cute world of honey with a touch of illustration. Soft drink with less than 1% alcohol content

January 20, the big cold day, is Amazake Day. Enjoy the richness and gentle sweetness of honey in Renge Honey Amazake, which is perfect for this coldest time of the year.



Morinaga Seika established this day in order to let more people know the goodness and taste of amazake, a traditional Japanese beverage and fermented food, since the company has been selling amazake since 1969. Since amazake is most popular as a drink that relieves fatigue and warms the body around the time of the "big cold", the day of the big cold was chosen as Amazake Day.