Bell Shokuhin "Okhotsk Drift Ice Curry"
Image of drift ice floating in the blue sea

I found a retort curry called "Okhotsk drift ice curry" at Kitano Ace, a unique supermarket. The price is 650 yen (excluding tax).

Okhotsk drift ice curry

"Okhotsk drift ice curry" is a new type of curry that you can eat by combining "Marine Blue Curry" that expresses the Sea of Okhotsk in winter with "White Chicken Curry" that looks like drift ice. I was curious, so I bought it!

Bell Shokuhin "Okhotsk Drift Ice Curry"

Supervised by Indian restaurant "Krishna" Okhotsk drift ice curry

Okhotsk drift ice curry is said to have been supervised by the Indian restaurant "Krishna" in Kitami City, Hokkaido. The chef at the restaurant was impressed by the blue and white drift ice scenery of the Sea of Okhotsk, and he said that he developed it through trial and error, "Is it possible to express this sea with curry?"

Bell Shokuhin "Okhotsk Drift Ice Curry"
Supervised by a chef who was impressed by the appearance of nature

Bell Shokuhin "Okhotsk Drift Ice Curry"
There are two types of roux inside

It's a retort pouch, so open it on a plate, microwave it, or heat it in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes, and serve it like that on rice.

... but

Bell Shokuhin "Okhotsk Drift Ice Curry"
Warm with boiling water

Bell Shokuhin "Okhotsk Drift Ice Curry"
Open it on a plate ...

When I took the marine blue curry out of the pouch, it was a little dented with marine blue. Blue is a color that reduces your appetite ... There are even diets like this ...

Bell Shokuhin "Okhotsk Drift Ice Curry"
It's blue ... (the one on the upper left is rice)

Take a second look and put the white curry here. If you pour it from above, the marine blue will be hidden, so use chopsticks or a spoon to place chicken and roux in places.

Bell Shokuhin "Okhotsk Drift Ice Curry"
Combine white curry and chicken

It's done! Curry rice with the image of white drift ice floating in the blue sea. It's a dish with a beautiful contrast between blue and white.

Bell Shokuhin "Okhotsk Drift Ice Curry"
Drift ice floating in the Sea of Okhotsk

Try eating Okhotsk drift ice curry

Bell Shokuhin "Okhotsk Drift Ice Curry"
I'll enjoy having this

White curry has a rich buttery flavor and a mellow cream. It's a little spicy, but not spicy. It's like a cream stew and delicious! Also, the chicken with rumbling is big and plump and delicious! It's good to eat.

Marine Blue Curry, on the other hand, has a spicy, spicy and grainy thickness. My tongue is fluttering while I'm eating! It's pretty spicy. By the way, this bright blue seems to be colored with "gardenia".

When you mix white and marine blue, it becomes marble-like and beautiful, and the spiciness and richness are well balanced and it feels just right! However, after eating the deep blue roux for a while (what am I eating ...?), I feel like.

Anyway, the cool look is perfect for hot summers. You can make a continent with rice to make it look like the earth, or insert broccoli and shimeji mushrooms to express trees and forests. Please enjoy it with your favorite presentation!

Bell Shokuhin "Okhotsk Drift Ice Curry"
Somehow it looks like the earth?